This time two years ago I was four stone heavier. The reality back then was a UK size 18 was becoming too tight. I was exercising regularly and not seeing the benefits. I decided to try doing Weight Watchers myself. I ordered the relevant books from ebay and bought some digital scales for the kitchen and bathroom scales. In the first week I lost 6lbs! I carried on with Weight Watchers and continued to lose weight. 

As the weight came off, my fitness improved massively. I was able to do more challenging exercises. My confidence was really good because of all this. I have climbed Snowdon and Scafell for charity. I now go the gym 6 days a week and I am able to do two classes back to back.

Exercise has been a consistent factor in my life now for two years. During that time I have suffered two mental health relapses. My husband is convinced I would be agoraphobic. The gym is the only reason I leave the house most days. 

Although I know that the majority of the time I feel better after exercising, it is still a constant battle to get to the gym. I feel anxious before going. When at the gym there is that time before classes start that I feel overly paranoid and I really have to fight the urge to leave. Some days I don’t want to face other people. As I have been a regular fixture at the gym for a number of years and as such people talk to me or say hello to me when they arrive. On some days this is draining but I try really hard to talk to people. I go to a lot of the classes that my personal trainer runs. She goes out of her way to talk to me every time and I really appreciate it. 

I welcome the distraction exercise brings. For me, high intensity classes are the best. I don’t have time to think about anything other than the exercise I am doing at the time. If you can find exercise that you like it is the key. I feel great after exercising and the buzz of endorphins is what I need. I hope that as I recover more from this current relapse I get my confidence back. I was a lot more confident and self assured before my recent relapse.

Before I lost the weight, I would never have gone to group exercise classes. I resisted for months and finally gave in and went to one. Now I’m hooked. I love Les Mills Combat, Attack and Pump and also Insanity and Spin classes. A week tomorrow I am doing a charity event at the gym called Fit 4 5ive. I will leave you with a poster advertising it. 

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