Australia – Part One

So where to begin about my time in Australia? First of all I am so lucky to have such a wonderful family. Dave’s auntie Shelby, uncle Chris and his cousins Emma and Sam are truly amazing and lovely people. Although they are family through marriage I see them all as my auntie, uncle and cousins. 

Our flights to Australia were fine. Dave and I worked out when we would attempt to sleep in order to get on Australian time (Australia is currently 9 hours ahead). We slept between Singapore and Brisbane. 

We were picked up by the airport from Dave’s family. It was lovely to see them again. When we were driving back to their house Dave gave me this charm for my pandora bracelet:

I’m not sure if I have mentioned before but as a wedding present I was given a Pandora charm present. Dave had given me a charm for each year we had been together. Each charm represented something important to me. It is one of my favourite possessions. 

Our family have the most incredible house. They have a deck and a swimming pool. Combine that with lovely weather and this is where we got to relax: 




On our second day we went to Redcliff. It was so nice to be out in the sunshine and walking along the beach:


Bank Holiday Monday was spent in Seaworld and Movieworld. We ended up in Movieworld for most of the day. Dave booked me on a meet the dolphin experience for two days later as it was all booked up on the day. 

I don’t like rollercoasters but Movieworld was brilliant to walk round. Dave and Emma went on the Superman ride twice and Chris went on Arkham Asylum with them. We all went on the Wild, Wild West ride which was fun. 



Superman Escape



This is the Wild, Wild West ride


Surfer’s Paradise

The beach here was awesome.   

           Chris, Shelby, Dave and I had lunch in this Irish pub. I couldn’t believe that a girl behind the bar was a fellow scouser!

Seaworld/Meet the Dolphin

Seaworld was brilliant. The aquarium was out of this world. I loved the miniature penguins too! I was so excited about the dolphin experience. It was totally worth it. I had to stand on a platform in the water and I got to feed, stroke and shake fins with a dolphin. There are photos of me that Dave took straight afterwards and you can see how happy I am. 










I will write another post about my time in Australia. I have loads of photos of me from the holiday. I am unsure whether I am comfortable in posting them. Part of me wants to. You can see how happy I am and enjoying myself. It will help to dispel the myth that everyone with depression and anxiety constantly look unhappy. I don’t even know what I am scared of happening if I do post photos of myself on here. 



4 thoughts on “Australia – Part One

    • You will love it. I still have more to post about our time there but I have been really busy sorting things out for the puppy we are picking up at the weekend x


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