Eventful Weekend

For a long time Dave and I have contemplated getting a dog. We both love dogs. We know that it is such a big decision. After weighing it up for a long time we decided that we really wanted a dog. 

Our landlord was round on Saturday. We used the opportunity to ask him if we would be able to get a dog. He was happy with it as we expressed our interest in getting a dachshund. 

We found an advert for a gorgeous litter of puppies during this week. Dave and I decided to phone the breeders. We arranged to go and see the puppies this afternoon. 

It was totally worth the hour and a half drive each way. The litter consisted of four boys and a girl. We were both incredibly happy with the breeder. The parents of the puppies were there and were also lovely.

This little guy is Walter and we can’t wait to bring him home:


We are picking Walter up next Saturday. Walter’s brothers and sister were equally as gorgeous as him. This meant it wasn’t an easy decision which one to choose. But I am happy with our decision. Walter seemed more chilled out compared to his brothers but was still a cute bundle of energy. It just felt like he was the right dog for us. 

I think this week is going to drag. But it will definitely be worth the wait. 

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