Australia – Part 2

Apologies that this post has taken longer then I anticipated. Things have been hectic since we decided to get Walter. Just when I feel that we have bought everything we need for him we find out that we have forgotten something. 


Our family lived about 45 minutes drive away from Brisbane city centre. We were given the opportunity to explore it   

We drove up to Mount Coottha Summit Lookout. The views over Brisbane were spectacular


We then went into Brisbane. We got on the seacat and had a mooch around too.   


Australia Zoo

We had a fantastic day at the zoo. Steve Irwin has left such an amazing legacy. Highlights included the show at the crocoseum, holding a koala and baby alligator and getting to feed and stroke kangaroos. The staff were so passionate about their jobs and enjoyed talking to visitors to the zoo. 



During the first few days with our family they completely surprised us. The original plan was that we would go to Sydney with Chris and Shelby. Instead we were treated to our flights and hotel for three nights in Sydney!!! The added surprise was that we would get to spend time with Emma each night in Sydney as she was due to be there for work when we were there. The flights each way were about an hour and a half. Our hotel was in Darling Harbour. This was our incredible view:


I really loved Sydney. It was a lot busier than Brisbane. The atmosphere there was great. We saw and climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I had concerns that I would chicken out of the Bridge Climb. But it was a fantastic experience. It was so exhilarating and the views were spectacular. We also saw the Opera House and took a ferry over to Manley. 








Sydney brought some really nice food too including a trip to Hard Rock Cafe. 


Starbucks had dark chocolate moccha fraps. They were lovely!


My delicious hotdog and chips on our first night.   

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Icecream

Salted Caramel Macaroons  


Dark chocolate churros

Dave’s dark chocolate icecream sundae. I ended up finishing it!

The night before our flight home I was given this pandora charm:


It was such a lovely charm. If you can’t tell it says ‘love’ and ‘family’. I was nearly in tears at how thoughtful it was. 

Dave and I have been talking about possibly emigrating to Australia in the future. We want to go out again and explore the country more ourselves to give us a more realistic view of living in Australia. I know it will be very different being there when you have to go about your normal day compared to being there on holiday. 



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