Wonderful Walter

As I type this Walter is sat on my knee sleeping. Dave has fallen asleep too haha!

We live about an hour and a half away from the breeder we got Walter from. We arranged to collect him at 9.30am yesterday to avoid any bank holiday traffic. 

Walter was fab in the car home. Dave drove and I sat in the back with Walter on my knee with a blanket that smells like his mum. He cried a bit when he first got in the car but he quickly settled. Walter slept for most of the journey home. He also played with some chew toys. 

I became overwhelmed towards the end of yesterday. As we had to leave early to pick Walter up I was quite tired. Combine that with the instant love I have for Walter and it is a recipe for tears. They were nice tears though. I felt so lucky to have Walter and part of me couldn’t (and still doesn’t) believe that I actually have him. It’s hard to explain really. It probably sounds ridiculous to others but I have been blessed with a lot of nice experiences in just over half a year – getting married, going to Iceland, going to Australia and now Walter. I struggle with massive levels of guilt. It’s as if I feel that I don’t deserve nice things or good experiences. 

Walter slept in a crate at the side of out bed. He did really well. There was some initial whining but this did stop. I got up twice to take him the toilet during the night. He went on the puppy pads both times 🙂 So far Walter has done really well with the puppy pads. 

My parents and siblings met Walter earlier this afternoon. He charmed them all. Again, he did really well. He sat and played with each of them. Tomorrow is going to be a lazy bank holiday with my two favourite boys. I’m hoping Walter will be even more relaxed tonight as last night. Walter seems to have a lovely personality. He loves cuddles and playing with his toys. He definitely has a cheeky side to him!

I will leave you with some of my favourite photos of him so far:



This is an extra small dog coat and it’s too big for him. He will grow into it



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