An update

Walter has been here for nearly a week now! This week has flown by. He is still really good at night. The time it takes for him to settle is getting shorter each night. He whines a little and then settles down. 

Dave and I have discovered that Walter can destroy toys pretty quickly:

Puppy toys are his speciality. Within 5 minutes of playing with this stuffed toy he had managed to bite a hole in it:

I then had to pull out all the stuffing and throw it away so that Walter didn’t eat it. 

Walter loves having his belly rubbed while playing with a toy:


He also loves his sleep and can sleep in a range of weird and wonderful positions:



Walter totally has a shoe/foot fetish. So much so we let him chew on a pair of Dave’s old shoes:

Dominic adored Walter when he met him on Wednesday. It was lovely to see Dominic with Walter. He spoke really calmly and was gentle when stroking Walter. As a result, Dominic was on the receiving end of lots of cuddles and kisses from Walter. My friend from the gym came round to have lunch with me and to meet Walter. I had a great time and I think my friend did too. We have two of our close friends coming round tomorrow afternoon to meet Walter and for some pizza. 

The gym is going well. I have cut back the amount of time I go. It’s not fair on Walter and I am tired at the moment as I have to get up in the night to take him the toilet. I still do 3 back to back classes on a Saturday morning. That will be Dave’s time to spend with Walter. I am able to push myself more, my knee pain has gone and I am back to doing the high intensity options. 

I am still receiving counselling/CBT. It’s going well. A lot of things are making sense about myself. It became clear to me during a recent session that it was possible I was exercising so much at one point as a way of punishing myself. 

My mood has improved lately. I think Walter has helped with that. I love playing with him. He is such a loving dog. He loves cuddles and is always so happy to see me and Dave. My anxiety has been bad at times. I worry that I am doing everything wrong with Walter. I am experiencing massive levels of guilt too for a number of reasons. I message Dave when I feel that my anxiety and guilt are spinning out of control. He is brilliant at helping me think more rationally. Walter is having his last injections next week. I’m hopeful that being out in the fresh air each day for a substantial length of time will help. Dave and I can’t wait to be able to go on walks together at the weekends with Walter. 


11 thoughts on “An update

  1. Try the small Kongs, they are pretty tough. Just don’t get a really hard adult one, as his teeth are so tiny still. Good luck, he looks like he is settling in nicely. Remember, dogs never judge us and they don’t know we have a mental illness (or two).


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