Another Liebster Award

I have been lucky enough to have been nominated for a Liebster award by The Life of an Anxious Teen. Thank you very much! Since I have already been nominated for a Liebster Award I thought that I would answer the questions that were posed:

1) What is your favourite colour?

Purple. Dave and I had purple as the colour scheme for our wedding. 

2) Name three things you are afraid of.

Open water – I can’t swim as during swimming lessons in school I would regularly be thrown into the water! Knowing full well I cannot swim, Ending up alone and rollercoasters

3) Where would you love to visit one day?

So many places – New York, Las Vegas, Washington DC, San Francisco. I would love to visit Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Norway, Finland. I would love to see more of Australia. 

4) What is your favourite movie?

Too many. I have a huge DVD collection which includes everything from Disney animations to classics like Terminator films, Back to the Future etc

5) What is your idea of a great day out?

A great day out for me would be going for a walk followed by a nice meal. 

6) What is one of your worst memories?

When my friend was murdered by her ex boyfriend

7) Name two of your hobbies.

Going the gym and reading

8) What is your favourite season?

Autumn. I love all the colours and being able to wrap up in big jumpers. Dave and I got married in Autumn 🙂

9) What is your star sign?


10) If your could invite a celebrity to spend the day with you, who would it be and why?

This is a really hard question. Probably Dwayne Johnson. As well as being incredibly hot he seems like a genuinely nice and interesting person. 

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