Dog of the Day

It was week two of Walter’s puppy class yesterday. He was a lot happier being around the other puppies; so much so he was even on his back playing with another puppy! We looked at recall, sitting and down. Walter is responding a lot more to his name. By the time we looked at sit and down, Walter was tired and was more interested in getting to know Billy the boxer who was next to us! We have been told to practise sit and down this week. Walter is already much quicker at these!

Today we met up with Liza from Year of the Dog. If you are not familiar with this brilliant blog, she has set herself the challenge of meeting a different dog each day of this year. Walter is her dog of the day. Here are the photos she took of him:

 Walter’s post is here if you’re interested. 
So I am totally turning into one of those people who talks about her dog all the time haha! I will leave you with some photos I took over the weekend:



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