No rhyme or reason

Today marks 10 years since 52 people lost their lives and over 700 people were injured during terrorist attacks in London. This was the worst terrorist attack in British history. It has been heartbreaking to be reminded of the atrocities of that day. I have read a number of articles from survivors and victims’ families this past week. But these accounts have shown the determination and spirit of the British people. The refusal to let terrorism win. 

Currently I am experiencing a massive low. This has seemed to have crept up from nowhere. I’ve had a nice weekend with Dave. The gym was fine last night. I did feel quite anxious before Bodycombat started. The studio was busy and I felt really trapped. I had to keep telling myself that it would pass and it would be worth staying for the class. The class was really hard. I hadn’t been the gym for a week and it was noticeable. But I didn’t walk out or listen to my anxiety and that is a good thing. 

Today I have chilled out with Walter. We went for a walk this morning, played fetch and tug of war and worked on him lying down. Yet I could feel myself struggling to concentrate as the day went on. I have felt spaced out a lot. For unknown reasons I sat and cried earlier this evening. 

Wednesday is always a busy day for me. I go the gym in the morning and I pick Dominic up when he gets home from school. It would be a lot easier if I could stay in with Walter. But then I would be letting my anxiety and depression win. I can’t let Dominic down regardless of how bad I feel. 


7 thoughts on “No rhyme or reason

  1. Sorry to read of your decline in mood, but its a good step to write out how you feel, it helps me get things into perspective a lot when I write so I hope it eases your mind as well…x


    • It helped getting everything out of my head and posting about it. I went the gym this morning and the punching and kicking we do in Bodycombat helped. Thanks for your supportive words as always x


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