Panic attack?

My anxiety at the gym has gone up to a whole new level. For the second time this week I was getting awful chest pains during a class. It got increasingly worse to the point where my breathing became shallow. I am asthmatic but it doesn’t impact me on a day to day basis. 

I wanted to walk out of the class tonight. It got to the stage when my friend taking the class came over to see if I was ok. I was coughing at times. 

Was this a panic attack or not? I felt like it was rather than asthma. I experience similar things when my anxiety is bad. It’s an all new low when I had this at the gym. I don’t want to go back in case it happens again. I was so embarassed. 

At the end of the class my friend asked if I was alright. I told her about not getting the job (she knew I had an interview) and that I haven’t been doing too good. She was really supportive and said I had done well to come the gym tonight. I cried as soon as I got in my car after the class. 

A trip to my GP is probably needed. I don’t know what else they can do though. 


17 thoughts on “Panic attack?

  1. I’m sorry you had to go through that. I’ve gotten really anxious at the gym as well. But I think maybe you were already feeling overwhelmed because of your interview. I hope you and your doctor can figure this out together.

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  2. Hey firstly I hope all is ok now. This does sound like a panic attack I tend to call them more of an anxiety attack rather than the full blown and hysterical panic ones. but they are equally as horrible and when I have them I feel like they last forever. I hope they get better I find a warm shower or hot waterbottle on my chest helps me to calm down and a good book or film to take my mind of it (easier said than done I know) helps too. Stay strong and take each day as it comes xxx

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  3. I’m sorry you had a difficult experience. It’s good that you have people that are supportive though. I know how embarrassing experiencing anxiety can be, but we have to take care of ourselves. I wish you all the best.

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  4. Hi there,
    So sorry to hear this happened, it must feel like your mental struggles are gradualluy taking over more and more in your life which can only result in more anxiety, which is so horrible to have to face 😦 have you heard of any grounding techniques that might help you in the situation? I know there’s no quick fix as such, but I read something the other day about a technique where you look for five things you can see, then four you can touch, three you can hear, two you can smell, and one you can taste, this can in turn help ground and calm you. Also, have you looked into EFT videos? Brad Yates YouTube channel has some I found amazing at a time I was being frequently crippled by anxiety. I totally understand these things will work differently for different people, and it can be really difficult when you’re already struggling to try and do something new, or just remember such things, I don’t think I could remember the grounding sequence yet, but I’m sure any variation of identifying different sensory markers may help. Anyway, enough of the doing stuff. I just want you to know I’ve been in some of the darkest places and know others who have, but they don’t last forever, however whilst they do, you have a community of support around you. Thanks for your great honesty.

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