Wiped out

Last night’s episode at the gym has taken it out of me. I am so tired. My eyes and head are really hurting. I took Walter for his walk in an attempt to wake myself up. I feel even worse for it. I have managed to eat a bit but I have no appetite. 

Walter has puppy class tomorrow morning and we are going round to my parents for tea. I would much prefer to sit in all weekend. I am not up to facing the world. However, that won’t help me get out of this low. 

When is all this shit going to end?!


6 thoughts on “Wiped out

  1. I’m sorry it feels like what you’re going through is never ending, I can relate. Try to focus on your successes and progress. Think about it, you didn’t feel well but you still took Walter out because you knew you had to. That shows responsibility and strength!

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  2. So sorry about this, it all just comes and goes, doesn’t it, , as the previous commenter said you took Walter out and have even eaten a little, that is progress considering the low of the night before, just keep doing the little things that keep you going, it takes time and you’ll get there 🙂

    Take care xx

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