Back on the horse

After a chilled out weekend I managed to get myself in a better headspace about the gym. It helped that I talked to my friend from the gym via whatsapp. The conversation wasn’t about my mental health. It was just a typical conversation between friends. One of my big worries was facing her after what happened at the gym on Thursday evening. 

The anxiety was still there today. Dave was messaging me words of support and encouragement. But I went to the gym with the mindset that I wouldn’t let my anxiety win today…and it didn’t! I did the entire Bodycombat without anxiety rearing its ugly head. 

Gemma 1 – Anxiety 0

I also didn’t let the current low I am experiencing stop me from taking Walter to puppy class with Dave. This week we asked to bring something that your puppy sleeps on. We took one of Walter’s blankets that he sleeps on in his crate. We were then shown how to get your puppy to go on his bed. Walter already responds to “in your bed”. He has a routine of going out to the toilet and then going straight into his crate ready to sleep each night. It is something Dave and I have instilled from the beginning and it was evident during the class. Walter was definitely one of the most responsive dogs. I was so proud of him! 

The last half hour of puppy class is a chance for all the dogs to socialise. We let them off their leads and they can do what they want. The puppy class we take Walter to is on a huge secured field. It has taken weeks for Walter to get more confident socialising, but he is definitely getting there. At the beginning, he would sprint towards the gate to leave the field. I don’t think he will ever be as lively as the labradors in the class. But considering he is the smallest dog in the class by a lot I can understand his hesitation. This week I managed to get some photos of Walter socialising:

The lovely Tilly

One of the trainers brought her 12 week old minature labrador called Wibble. Walter loved her!!!

Betty the black lab

Walter did so well considering he has been out of sorts. He is teething and lost a tooth on Friday. As you can imagine, he hasn’t been very keen to eat. He was also sleeping a lot more than usual and generally being more cuddly (if that’s possible!) more than usual. 

This is Walter’s teddy Jesse. Yep…Walter is named after Walter White from Breaking Bad. We had to call his teddy Jesse. This is a kong teddy and it is fab! It has minimal stuffing and has rope inside it. 

I am happy to say that Walter is much more himself. He has eaten all his food the past two days and has been playing a lot more. 

Tomorrow I have Dom. On Friday his Mum is getting married. Dom is an usher and I am going to support him. I am worried about how I will cope with the day. But the most important thing for me is ensuring that Dom is ok. It means one less thing for his Mum to worry about and I am so glad I can help. I will post about how it went. 


16 thoughts on “Back on the horse

  1. Walter is just too cute:)

    Good for you in going back to the gym and completing a full class, and nice that your friend was there for you, as well as the lovely Dave your rock:)

    Also good that your low mood is lifting , this is all good news today, it’s hard to battle anxiety as you know but any small victory is a victory.

    Enjoy the wedding, I’m sure Dom will because he has you at his side.

    Take care 🙂 xx

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  2. crocheticknits says:

    OMG he is gorgeous! I would say that he should meet my two babies but they would teach him all the naughty doggy things to do! Lol

    Good to hear about the gym!

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  3. Well done for getting to your gym class and the puppy class. Every small step needs to be honoured and celebrated.
    I love your puppy Walter. I have two dogs. Bilbo is a 8.5 year old Border Collie who is a completely obsessive ball chaser who borrows other dog’s balls down at the beach and has even trained up other dog parents to throw the ball for him. He can drive me a bit crazy. He is a more reserved dog and equate him to the guy standing in the corner with his beer at the pub. He has warmed up a little but he is who he is. Last year, we adopted Lady a 2 year old Border Collie x Cavalier. It took them a little while to get on but they’re good mates now and even sleep in the same kennel at night…especially as it is Winter here. If you like a good dog blog, I love Max the dog:
    He lives in Hawaii and gives some great tours. I find Max always cheers me up. xx Rowena

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      • Oh that’s good. I would never say our Bilbo was laid back. INdeed, he gets quite anxious and barks when I drop the kids off at school and went balistic when I used to put them on the bus. That was even a stronger response than the postman. +We used to have a Blue Heeler next door who was a guard dog watching his owners tools on work sites and I think Bilbo picked up some of these traits from him.

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