Like a breath of fresh air

I feel like I am on holiday right now. Having Emma here is just what I need. We get on so well and we have such a laugh. 

We have done so much these past three days including getting this tattoo on my right foot:

It’s not the best photo but I really do love it. Emma got a small black semicolon on her left wrist. We had both talked about getting a semicolon tattoo. I wanted something a bit different then just a semicolon. I was originally going to get Keep Going instead of Keep Moving. The arrow represents going forward and I liked the idea of having something to remind me to Keep Moving Forward with my recovery. It is well known on here that I really struggle to keep going when I am in a particularly bad place. I tend to ruminate and over analyse things. It was quite painful at times. Particularly when he was nearer to my toes and my ankle. I now have six tattoos. 


5 thoughts on “Like a breath of fresh air

    • Thank you. I really have needed this lift. Emma is amazing. I am lucky to have her in my life. It’s just a shame she lives so far away. I am so happy with the tattoo. It will be a constant reminder x

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  1. Chin up they're just emotions says:

    Love your tattoo! I’m thinking of getting something similar but no idea where to have it! Take care xx

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