All good things must come to an end

Emma is now on her way back to Brisbane. We both cried a lot in the airport last night. I cried all the way home in the car too. 

I don’t feel I have many people in my life that I am truly connected with. I can be myself with Emma and vice versa. She saw me at my lowest and didn’t freak out and run a mile. She helped me so much and brought so much goodness with her these past few weeks. 

I am at my GP tomorrow. Unfortunately my GP is off on long term sick now until the new year. I am having to see a random GP and I am worried. I have a number of things I want to discuss. But I know full well that I will completely shutdown if I am not taken seriously. 

I will leave you with a photo of the card Emma left on my kitchen fridge. She made sure that I didn’t read it while she was here. Emma brought with her a polaroid camera and made a photo collage for our wall using the photos she took. This is referred to in her card:


4 thoughts on “All good things must come to an end

  1. Thats beautiful remember those words, Emma clearly loves you and has faith in you, be inspired by her words.

    Good lyck with GP remember you matter, and say whatever you need to.

    Take Care xx

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