Sense of achievement

Yesterday went really well. So much so that I ended up working again this morning. I am also working later on when the little miss gets home from school. 

It’s always a worry if you will get on with a child you’ll be supporting, especially when it’s a child with special needs. But little miss is fab. She tried to see how much she could get away with but it was nothing I couldn’t deal with. Today she got ready for school much quicker than yesterday. 

I am really tired from the early get ups. I am up for 5.50am as little miss has to be ready for 7.45am for the bus to pick her up for school. But once I get to little miss’s house the time flies by. 

I haven’t felt anxious or low in a few days. I am continuing on the lower 20mg dosage of Citalopram. Tomorrow morning I’m going to the gym. Dave and I are taking Walter out for the afternoon. On Sunday we are going to my parents for tea. 

I am so glad I took a chance with this job. It is really helping me feel a sense of achievement. I am not naive to think that my anxiety and depression are magically cured. But it does feel great that right now it doesn’t have so much of a hold on me. 


14 thoughts on “Sense of achievement

  1. In my DBT group, one of the coping skills we learned was actually this! The whole paying I it forward do something nice for someone else aspect. It validates our existence and helps fight our disorders/diseases/thoughts.

    So you are right–you aren’t cured, but girl you are validating your existence in a very meaningful way! I’m so happy for you!!

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