Enjoying life

Things are still going well. I am really enjoying working with little miss. Even when she is being cheeky. We have a right giggle and the time flies by. I am working more with her next week and I am looking forward to it. 

I’ve spent more time with my family recently. It has been great. My Dad and I took Walter to the park on Tuesday. Nosy Walter was going up to each and every dog we walked past. I also got my hair cut. 

It is getting shorter each time it gets cut. I love it. Although the left side of my head feels unusually lighter haha!

I decided that I wasn’t comfortable switching to Sertraline. I have continued to take the lower 20mg dose of Citalopram. I am managing well on it. I don’t think it is worth the potential risks that come with switching medication. I feel stable and I’m not overwhelmed with anxiety or low moods. I have an appointment with the crisis team on Tuesday afternoon so they can see how I’m doing. I plan on telling them all this. 

Tomorrow morning I am doing another Fit 4 5ive event at the gym. This time we are raising money for cancer research. 

I was full of apprehension before the last Fit 4 5ive in January. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow. Even though I am tired from the early get ups for work the past two days. 

My philosophy is still to take each day at a time. It is just nice to actually be enjoying life at the moment. I have little miss again later when she gets home from school. We are going to be making cakes with her mum if she has been good at school 🙂


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