A drop in mood

My mood has dropped. I’ve noticed that it has declined gradually since last night. Originally I thought that it was from being tired. But I managed to sleep well (for me) last night and I am still struggling. 

We took Walter to a country park near where we live earlier. Dave commented that I was quiet. I feel really irritable at the moment. Little things are really getting to me. 

Fit 4 5ive went well yesterday. I really enjoyed myself. The cakes and coffee afterwards was a great opportunity for me to have a chat with people I see on a regular basis. 

I’m just feeling really disheartened with the dip in my mood. But I also need to accept that this is part of living with depression and anxiety. I am going to chill out for the rest of the day with some films. 

On a completely random note, I am now on instagram. Feel free to follow me @originalgemskibob. If you do follow me can you comment on this post or on my instagram saying who you are. I have had loads of spam requests already. 


14 thoughts on “A drop in mood

  1. Life is full of ups and downs, balance and chaos. I think we tend to be more cognizant of it when we have seen the darkness of illness. Sending thoughts of peace and balance your direction!

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      • I understand that because I too am that way. I also see some of those closest to me being hard on themselves, much more than they would be on others. Always remember you deserve your love and kindness too! In all of your journeys, be kind to yourself!

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  2. Stay strong! ❤ I've never experienced depression, but having to live with serious anxiety and panic attacks is hard so I sort of know what your mood is like. Lots of love xx ❤


  3. Unfortunately, that’s the way it goes! As someone said, you tend to be more sensitive to small mood changes at times. Believe me, it does get better! Just sent you a follow request on Instagram, I’m clivechip there x

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  4. The same thing has happened to me lately as well. The past few days I’ve been struggling with my mood and depression, but things will get better eventually. Life is full of valleys and hills. Hopefully your valley is small. My insta name is musiclovemsl by the way!

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  5. I’m sorry you have not been feeling as good as you would like. With the shorter days and change in season (unless you live in somewhere like Australia) you could be experiencing the beginning of seasonal affective disorder. It’s not encouraging but it might be an explanation. And my point in mentioning is that one way to combat seasonal affective disorder is to make sure we get additional time in sunlight. Hang in there!

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    • I don’t think I have SADs. I am outside for at least an hour a day. I think it’s my depression and anxiety. Thanks for the suggestion though x


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