Faith in humanity restored

As Dom’s school was closed for teacher training today I took him out today rather than Wednesday. We had planned beforehand that we would go to Pizza Hut for lunch. 

Dom and I spend a lot of time eating in a variety of restaurants. I have come across a range of staff working in these places; from staff that are unsure how to take Dom or are just plain rude to staff that go the extra mile for him. 

Today we had the nicest waitress named Holly. For a start, she actually interacted with Dom directly instead of doing so through me. She tried really hard to play Birthday by Katy Perry when Dominic asked. During a visit to Pizza Hut in the summer holidays this song came on. Holly even tried to get it played on her phone on youtube and hook it up to the speakers in Pizza Hut. Unfortunately, her manager told her she couldn’t. 

I thanked Holly before we left. I said that Dom has autism and ADHD and that most people aren’t as patient or considerate with him. 

So if I were to email or send a letter to Holly I would send the following:

Dear Holly,

Today you were our waitress in Pizza Hut. The restaurant became increasingly busy during our time there. Yet you made Dom and I feel welcome. 

I really appreciate you trying to play Katy Perry’s Birthday at Dom’s request. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain to Dom the reason why the song couldn’t be played. 

Even when the restaurant was busy you took the time to show Dom where the icecream factory was. I encourage Dom to make requests himself in restaurants. Yet staff frequently talk to me rather than Dom. 

Finally, thank you for engaging in conversation with about his interests. He talked about you for the rest of our time together. This is a sure sign that you had made such a good impression with him. Dom wants to return to Pizza Hut during the October half term in the hopes of seeing you again. 

From Gemma, Dom’s personal assistant for the past four years. 


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