Glimmer of light

After three bad days in a row, things are improving. 

After a poor night’s sleep, followed by an early get up for work, it is quite common for me to struggle that day. But today, I have surprised myself. 

I managed to go to the gym. I was offered a free personal training session with one of the new trainers. It went really well. I asked if we could do some boxing which was the main focus of the session. I also did some weights and core work. It helped that the trainer seems like a nice guy. Fingers crossed that I will be in the right frame of mind to finally try the Fight Club class at the gym. 

I am feeling really tired but my mood is nowhere near as low. I hope this means that I will sleep well tonight. 

After a busy weekend last week, I am looking forward to a quiet weekend. Walter has been super cuddly these past few days. Here he is having an afternoon nap:


9 thoughts on “Glimmer of light

  1. Walter looks like the man! I’ve found in the past that ginseng is a helpful (and natural!) supplement for energy. Especially mental energy and I do think that it has some properties that help with depression (could be talking out of my ass but that’s what I remember reading). As much as I love caffeine, it feels like it sometimes just wakes up my body and not my mind but ginseng is totally different. I don’t get “the jitters” and my mind does feel woken up but not in a crazy way.
    If you are joining a Fight Club, I would HIGHLY recommend grabbing some ginseng! haha


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