Random and unexplained

Does anyone else get random, unexplained episodes of anxiety? All of a sudden I am feeling overwhelmed with anxiety. There is no reason I should be feeling anxious. I am currently sat with Dave and Walter watching ‘How I Met Your Mother’ on Netflix. 

I find these bouts of anxiety worse to handle compared to say, feeling anxious about going to a particular place or event. I have strategies that I can try to use to reduce my anxiety when there is a particular trigger. But I feel hopeless right now. I have told Dave that I am feeling really anxious. He got me some chocolate from our treat cupboard in the kitchen 🙂 He’s a good ‘un. 

I have a list on my phone of things that I want to work through with my therapist. I have just added these random episodes of extreme anxiety to my list. 

Anyway, there’s nothing else to add about my anxiety. I would just be going round in circles and it doesn’t help. 

It has snowed here today. We had planned on taking Walter for a big walk. As he has never seen or experienced snow before, we took him for a short walk near our house. He was ok. I expected him to want to go straight back into the house. 

I am going to try my best to relax. I now have a really bad headache and I just want to curl up in bed. 


9 thoughts on “Random and unexplained

  1. Yep, it’s the very randomness of my anxiety that annoys me the most about it. Watching TV, reading a book, even travelling on a train the other week are all times when I’ve had ‘attacks’, for want of a better word.
    I’m much better at dealing with it now than I used to be, but only because of the help I had from a wonderful therapist who did CBT with me when I was having a really rough time with things last year. Even though you might feel hopeless right now there are loads of people (myself included) who’ve been there and got through it – and you can do it too 🙂
    Keep smiling,

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  2. I used to have this. It forced me to get on Lexapro to cope. I know that isn’t the answer. I never attacked what caused my anxiety, because i couldn’t pinpoint it. I took myself off the pills but never fixed the problems. Anxiety is normal, and everyone has it. I am finding it is all about the approach to anxiety that helps calm it, without magic pills. To share: social anxiety (like asking for raises at work, or asking for things I need)…I just didn’t want to hear no, so i procrastinate on asking, or I convince myself I really don’t need it. That is dumb. I have to adjust my thinking of what the situation is, and not the result. It shouldn’t matter if I am told yes or no. I feel like I deserve one and need one, so I should just ask and take the internal value of simply doing something for me as the result, not the Yes or No answer. The yes or no answer should just be feedback to help me make another decision (maybe find another place to work, or ask for something else).

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  3. Absolutely. I agree that the random anxiety that pops up out of no where is the worst. It feels like a blindside and there isn’t much worse than a blindside. It also makes me feel like a total bummer because as much as we wish we could keep our anxiety to ourselves, it’s not possible when we are with those that really know us. Hugs to you.

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