Still Going

So I ended up getting an appointment with my GP this morning. I felt awful last night; I was struggling to breathe, my chest and back were hurting and I was bringing up a lot of crap off my chest. 

I have an upper respiratory tract infection. As it is a virus, I can’t take antibiotics for it. All I can do is take paracetamol and a really strong cough syrup type of thing. I have practically no voice and a horrible, painful dry cough. 

As awful as I feel, I am still working. Faith has been a superstar. Her mum has significant health issues. She had a migraine for most of yesterday evening. So if I hadn’t worked yesterday, it would have meant she wouldn’t have been able to sleep. Faith and I had a great evening. She helped me out with little jobs when I was sorting her tea out and we enjoyed playing a number of games of frustration. 

As much as it would be easier to sit on the couch all evening, Faith is really looking forward to going to Guides tonight. Dave is off work from tomorrow until Monday which I am so happy about. Plus, he will be able to help me out around the house with jobs. 


15 thoughts on “Still Going

  1. Wishing you a speedy recovery, it must be going around I’ve got some horrid lurgy thing, that’s settled on my chest.

    Your going leaps and bounds with Faith, just the right kind of tonic you needed.

    Take care xx

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    • My GP said a lot of people have been in to see him with the same thing. It is so annoying. Hope you feel better soon hun.
      Faith is doing so well. She was amazing at guides tonight. She managed to stay for the whole session for the first time x

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