Fighting Anxiety

This week has flown by. Dom and Faith are on their school holidays. So my week has consisted of playing board games, dog walks, icecream, watching tv and arts. 

This week has seen anxiety rear its ugly head. There has been no trigger for this. I have felt really uncomfortable around people. Up until the end of this week, the gym was contributing to my high anxiety levels. Classes were unenjoyable and I was clock watching. Part of me wanted to stop going the gym as my anxiety was so unbearable. But another part of me had concerns that I would stop going entirely. I am glad that I continued to go. Last night I had a personal training session. It was really enjoyable. We did boxing and focused on wrist strengthening exercises. My wrists hurt when doing exercises when I am putting pressure on them. I managed to deadlift 45kg which I was pleased with. If you would like to see a video of me doing clean and press with a strong man log then click here.

I went the gym this morning. Although I am sore from last night, I noticed an improvement in my stamina and strength. I increased my weights during bodypump and I was proud of myself.
Tomorrow we are taking Walter on a dachshund walk. I am so excited! We have wanted to meet up with the group for months. But we have been unable to go because of other commitments or the weather. I will make sure to take lots of photos. 

I was going to do a post about autism awareness. April is autism awareness month. But, I had already done a post for Defying Shadows on this topic. It has been uploaded today so if you want to have a read of it the link to it is here.


14 thoughts on “Fighting Anxiety

  1. bagofnerveslady says:

    Aww well done for persevering through your bad week. You came out the other side and managed to enjoy your classes again, yay 🙂 That sense of achievement will help you push through next time anxiety rears its ugly head xx


  2. Never Mind the Cancer says:

    Interesting that the gym makes you more anxious – it’s one thing that helps me deal with mine! – but then obviously it affects different people in different ways. Good job perservering. I find that’s the hardest thing to do with anxiety. Keep it up! 💪

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    • Part of my social anxiety is that I feel self conscious, uncomfortable and generally uneasy around people. I constantly worry about how I look and what people think of me. I have a front on most of the time when I am with people. It’s exhausting. I have started working on my social anxiety in CBT. It isn’t an easy thing to do at all x


      • Never Mind the Cancer says:

        I can completely understand where you’re coming from although, for me, it’s actually a lot easier an environment to cope with because I feel the majority of people in the gym aren’t exactly looking their best lol interesting how it affects each of us differently. I am still having CBT now which I’m finding useful. I hope its helping you too 😊

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      • I spend so much time comparing myself to others. I never feel good enough. It is interesting how anxiety affects people in different ways. CBT is helping. Today’s session was difficult as it asked me to really push me out of my comfort zone x

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      • Never Mind the Cancer says:

        (Don’t answer this if you don’t want to) what did they make you do? My therapist took me to McDonald’s where she deliberately delayed ordering food with loads of people around. Although it felt like it would be horrendous, I soon realised I was having ridiculous expectations of how it would unfold – I figured the employee would get annoyed, the people in the queue would get pissed off etc.


      • It was an exercise exploring my thoughts, emotions, behaviours about an upcoming social event. I haven’t cried in therapy in ages and I felt ridiculous for it. The whole experience made me so uncomfortable. I just wanted to run out of the session x


      • Never Mind the Cancer says:

        I go through the same kind of exercises about social situations and they can be hard. Don’t feel ridiculous – it’s healthy to not only let it out but to also recognise what it is that’s causing the issues. Now you can start making progress 👍

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