Anxiety Girl

This weekend has shown that this is so me. The situation at work was blown out of proportion on a momentous scale. I convinced myself that I would have to give up work. As a result, I felt utterly exhausted. I slept for 12 hours straight on Sunday night. Even then, I was still drained when I woke up. 

Everything at work is resolved. Yesterday it was like nothing happened, which was exactly what I wanted. 

So tomorrow I am seeing my GP. It’s for a combination of mental and physical health issues. My anxiety and depression is so severe that Dave felt I was as bad as I was when I was under the crisis team last year. It was scary. I have really had to push myself to leave the house and to spend time with people. My chest is still not good. I managed to go to BodyCombat on Monday night. But my chest hurt the entire time. I struggled so much. I have this barking cough that makes an appearance whenever I physically exert myself and the chest pain radiates to my back. At times, I have constant chest pains. On Sunday I am doing Rough Runner so I have no choice but to completely rest until then. 

On a more positive note, today is mine and Dave’s 2nd wedding anniversary. We are both off work all day. We are going to take Walter to dog playtime and go for a meal. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful, amazing and supportive husband.

3 thoughts on “Anxiety Girl

  1. I’m so sorry you’re struggling, Gemma! Thank you for taking the time to read and like my post. I hope you feel better soon and please know that I’m here for you. I think it’s wonderful that amidst your struggling, you’re still trying your hardest! Stay strong!


  2. I read your last post and identified with alot of the feelings you were having. I’m so so so glad that everything at work was gone when you returned, like, all of your worries over what happened. As you know, we have to commend ourselves for the little steps we make and the little accomplishments we make that may be small for others but HUGE for us. So great job for getting up and getting back to work after whatever happened. And kudos for getting to your classes, despite feeling so icky.

    On the depression/anxiety/mental illness disorder scale – where 10 is taking a shower and 0 is, well, you know…you are approaching a 12, my dear! 🙂


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