Emotional Day

Yesterday was my lovely Grandad’s funeral. I broke down crying as soon as the cars came to pick us up from my Nan’s house. I then cried all the way to the crematorium and throughout the funeral. The service was lovely. My Dad did an amazing job as a pallbearer and reading a poem. I was so proud of him. During the eulogy, the vicar doing the service mentioned about how excited my Grandad was about becoming a Great Grandad. It was hard to hear that, knowing he will never meet the baby. 

Due to the baby being awkward during our initial 12 week scan last week, we were offered one yesterday evening at 6pm. Part of me felt guilty that we had the scan on the same day as my Grandad’s funeral. The scan went really well. The baby is looking healthy and well. The brain looks good as does the heart. We saw the baby trying to suck its thumb and it looked like it was waving at us! The baby appears to have long legs too. They must take after me! We have a private scan booked for 3 weeks tomorrow to find out the gender of the baby. We can’t wait. The baby is due on 8th November. 

This weekend Dave and I are having a dog filled weekend. We are looking after Walter’s bestie/girlfriend as my friend is on a course. We are going to go to doggy play tomorrow afternoon and on Sunday we are taking them on a dachshund walk. I think a chilled out weekend is just what I need with Dave and these two:

I didn’t sleep well last night even though I was exhausted. I woke up around 3am and struggled to get back to sleep. 


Goodbye Grandad

Yesterday morning, my lovely grandad passed away in his sleep. Since being diagnosed with oesophageal cancer, he had to deal with a huge number of significant health problems including not being able to eat properly, which resulted in him losing an awful lot of weight. 

Unfortunately, my grandad contracted bacterial pneumonia. For your typically healthy person, this is a serious health issue. So you can imagine how much strain this put on my grandad. I am just glad that he isn’t suffering anymore. Towards the end he was barely conscious, unable to talk or even swallow. 

My grandad was a lovely, kind and warm gentleman. He had a good word to say about everyone. I have so many fond memories of him. He loved telling us stories from when my dad was little and about things he had been up to. My grandad was so proud of my brother, my sister and I. He took a genuine interest in our lives. My grandad had a sweet tooth and loved cakes and biscuits. My nan would tell him off for sneaking biscuits out of the kitchen. So you can imagine how hard it was for us as a family to see him refusing to eat or unable to eat. 

I type this with tears streaming down my face. I just can’t quite believe I will never see him again. Yesterday evening, I went round to see my nan. It was truly heartbreaking being in the house knowing my grandad will never be there. 

Goodbye Grandad George. I am so honoured to have had you in my life. I will always miss you. Love Gemma xxx

My hero

We all have people we look up to. People who inspire us and make us want to be better people. 

On 26th November 2006, my sister’s best friend and a friend of mine was murdered by her ex boyfriend and the father of their then one year old son. She was just 17 years old. 

Laura lived opposite where I grew up. I was lucky to have grown up in a quiet suburb with a number of children of a similar age. Laura had such a sense of fun. She was forever smiling and laughing. Laura was kind, caring and thoughtful. 

Even though it has been 10 years since Laura tragically died, a part of me still cannot believe I will never see her again. Sometimes when I go to see my parents, I picture her walking down the road with a big grin on her face. 

I thought I had known all the details surrounding Laura’s death. On Saturday, her younger brother did a Facebook live post at the place where she died. He wanted people to know that his sister is a hero. 

I was unaware that Laura’s ex boyfriend also tried to stab their one year old son. She suffered six stab wounds that should have killed her. Laura had the strength to protect her baby. She made sure that her son was given to a couple who happened to be nearby. The male tried to help save Laura as she was bleeding profusely. Laura calmly told the man the full name of her ex boyfriend who had stabbed her. While Laura was as I now know dying, she was still so caring and thoughtful. She asked the man trying to save her if he was ok. Eventually, Laura told the man she was going to go. She closed her eyes and died. 

Even though Laura probably knew she was dying and in a great deal of pain, her first thoughts were of others. For her little boy and a complete stranger. 

Some of your heroes might be footballers, singers or actors. But my hero is Laura Bailey. Her actions throughout her life were heroic. She always put other people first and paid the ultimate price for this. I am lucky to have known such a thoughtful, kind, caring, considerate and funny person. 

If you would like to see the live Facebook video that Laura’s brother did on Saturday, please click here.