Halfway there

I am now 21 weeks pregnant! So infact I am over the half way point. Yesterday Dave and I had our 20 week anatomy scan. I always feel a mixture of excitement and nerves before scans. 

Our little girl has grown so much since our private gender scan 5 weeks ago. I am so happy that she is healthy and well. She was checked thoroughly from head to toe which reassured Dave and I. Especially with the whole issue with my medication. I was so relieved when they checked her heart and it was fine. As per every scan, our little girl decided to be awkward during the scan. I was asked to go for a wee in the hopes that she would move position (which she did). It made me laugh as I have had to do this during each scan. 

I am feeling our baby girl move so often now. Dave has yet to feel her. She stops moving when he talks to or rub my bump. But it is just a matter of time before he does. I am still having morning sickness. I ended up throwing up outside the house when we got back from the scan yesterday. The majority of the time that I am not being sick I feel nauseous. It is hard at times. But, I know that all this will be worth it by the time our little girl arrives. 

A few weeks ago, we took Walter to Dogfest at Arley Hall for the second year in a row. This year we also went with our friend and her dog Lola. It happened to be unbelievably hot during the week we went to Dogfest. We were frequently putting the dogs into paddling pools, pouring water on them and getting them to drink. 

We made the decision to leave early for Dogfest this year. It was a good decision. We had to queue to get into it, but the queue moved constantly. We got to hear the amazing Noel Fitzpatrick talk this year. He is such an inspiration. 

Noel had this tshirt on during his talk and I couldn’t resist one for myself

Waiting in the queue

Walter all ready for Dogfest

Walter and I did a selfie haha!

How much does Walter suit this flatcap?! 

The main man; Noel Fitzpatrick!

I am planning on going back to the gym tomorrow. I haven’t been for nearly a month what with my asthma being bad and then morning sickness reappearing. I am going to do Zumba and I can’t wait. 

Our little girl already has some lovely clothes thanks to her auntie, Nan and Grandad and her great auntie and uncle in Australia. My Mum is in knitting heaven. The baby already has a matching hat, cardigan and blanket that are beautiful. I also couldn’t resist buying her some things for Father’s Day for Dave. 

These clothes are from my sister

Dave’s Father’s Day presents. The books are so sweet and made me cry reading them. 

Dogfest, Arley Hall, 18.6.16

As a proud owner of a black and tan dachshund, my husband and I were more than happy to spend £28 on two tickets to Dogfest. What is dogfest you ask? It is exactly what it says – a festival for dogs. Set up by Noel Fitzpatrick, the guy known as the Supervet, it is a festival to celebrate all that is wonderful about dogs. 
We live a mere 30 minutes away from Arley Hall. We expected traffic due to the nature of the event. But we didn’t expect that it would take 3 hours to arrive at the event! Luckily, our dachshund Walter (named after Walter White from Breaking Bad) is so laidback. Apart from a few whines, he coped so well. It turns out that a steward directed us along with a load of other cars in the completely wrong direction! What followed was nothing short of chaos; complete standstill of traffic, cars making u-turns in narrow country roads and absolute no direction from staff from the event. 
We eventually arrived at the event at 12.30pm. We had missed the morning dog walk which annoyed my husband and I. We tried to get Walter to see a dog massager as they were offering a free assessment of your dog’s joints and muscles. But the queue didn’t move for a good 20 minutes. We went and got food and queued for ages. 
Walter loved meeting lots of dogs big and small; from Great Danes to fellow dachshunds. We got lots of lovely comments about him from loads of people. Staff at the stalls were friendly and happy to answer questions. We bought Walter some dog treats including some doggy brownie and scone. Being a little dog, we felt Walter would have been completely overtired if we had taken part in the 3pm Great Dog Walk. 

We are unsure if we would attend Dogfest again. The farce at the beginning of the day had us question a number of times whether or not to just go home. When we did arrive, we were unable to get anywhere near some stands we had planned to go to due to arriving much later than we anticipated. Although Walter really loved being round all the dogs, we could have had the same experience for him with our local dachshund group without the stress, expense and waste of time. 

I have set up an instagram account for Walter if any of you would like to follow it. Yes, I am one of those people who has an instagram account for their dog. But I take that many photos of it that it makes sense. 

Follow Walter @walterthesausagedog