Finally Friday!

I know that it has been a shorter week due to the bank holiday, but I feel that this week has been long! 

Thank you for all the supportive comments on my last post. It wasn’t an easy subject to talk about but I am glad I did. 

A few weeks ago Dave and I spent the day at Chester Zoo with a fellow wordpress blogger and her fiance. We have been talking practically every day for the past few months. Unsurprisingly, I was anxious beforehand. But I had nothing to worry about. We all had a great day. I know that I have a truly amazing friend in her. 

Walter had a little visitor this past bank holiday weekend in the form of Bella, Faith’s dog. We looked after her as Faith and her family went to stay with her auntie and uncle. The first night Walter was beside himself with excitement. So much so that all he wanted to do was play with her. We took the dogs on a number of walks and to see our friends who have a border collie. It was a fun filled weekend. We are looking after Bella again for a week in July when Faith and her family go on holiday. 

I am back in the swing of things in the gym. I did another charity event last Saturday. It went really well. At times I felt truly exhausted but I pushed through and I was glad I did. I had a real sense of achievement at the end of it. I am also a convert to Zumba. A few of us decided to try it out last week. I was expecting not to enjoy it at all. But I couldn’t be more wrong. It was a right laugh. The class went so quickly and I was sweating loads which is always a good sign.  

My latest blog post is up on Defying Shadows. You can read it here. I have submitted a post about autism awareness so I will share the link to it when it has been uploaded. 

Christmas concert and dog playdates

On Tuesday I went to watch Little Miss and Dom’s Christmas concert at school. As they came into their school hall, they both looked round to see where we (their mum’s and Little Miss’ other carer) were sat. It was lovely to see them waving their hands frantically with beaming smiles on their faces. Little Miss was in her element being able to perform. Dom was a bit more reserved and self conscious but got into it eventually. I was so proud of them as they both did amazingly well!

Little Miss has been so well behaved. Her Mum and I agreed that if she carried on I would bring Walter round to hers on Tuesday after school. It went so well! Little Miss has an 8 year old Jack Russell called Bella. Walter and Bella hit it off straight away. Little Miss adores Bella and Walter and she loved having them both at her house. 


Little Miss’ Mum said that I can bring Walter with me whenever I am working. This is great all round. I am conscious of leaving Walter on his own at home for too long. So much so that I had passed up on extra work with Little Miss in the past. Now, I can work more and Walter gets to spend time with a dog he gets on with. So a win win situation. 

Dave and I have to get some last minute bits in for Christmas today. We are spending Christmas day with my family. We introduced my lot to our tradition of cheese and biscuits last year and they loved it. So we are going to get the cheese we bought last year. 

Tomorrow I am getting my haircut. I wouldn’t be surprised if my hair ends up even shorter this time. It also gives me an excuse (not that I need one) to spend time with my family as they live near my hairdresser. I am planning on taking Walter to a lovely park near my parents house. 

This time last year things were very different for me. I was in the grip of severe anxiety and depression. Days were spent crying in my pyjamas, unable to leave the house. Christmas Day was awful. I can remember lying in bed crying, telling Dave that I couldn’t face the day. 

It’s easy to forget how far I have come when I am struggling. So here’s to Christmas 2015. I can guarantee that it will be better than Christmas 2014.