Christmas Eve

Dave and I went to see the new Star Wars film this morning. I can’t remember the last time I went to the cinema. It is something that can make me feel highly anxious. Dave bit the bullet and booked us tickets for a 9.30am screening. He made sure to book seats on the side of the screen; meaning that there were only three seats together. I really enjoyed the film and I didn’t experience any anxiety. 

This afternoon I spent with Little Miss. She was great. I bought her a prefilled Christmas stocking. It had loads of little presents stuffed in it. I really wish I had filmed her. She loved every single item in her stocking and thanked me over and over again. I also got lots of hugs!

It is nice to know that I am not working again until Tuesday. I am looking forward to chilling out with Dave and Walter and also possibly spending time with friends. 

I doubt I will post again for a few days. So I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas Day tomorrow. Walter is making sure to get enough sleep before Father Christmas comes:


Happy Birthday to me

Yesterday I turned 30. I had a lovely day. We went out for breakfast which was delicious. My pandora bracelet is now full as I got more charms. Dave, Emma and I took Walter to the park near my parents house. We saw a woman with two dachshunds. Walter got on really well with one of them in particular. He was around the same age as Walter too. 

We went for Mexican in the evening with my brother and sister. This was a disappointing meal – service was slow, food was cold. It is somewhere Dave and I have been to loads since we have been together. I ended up with £40 worth of vouchers to use again at the restaurant. 

Normally I would have let something like this really get to me. I was able to move on from it pretty quickly. 

My mum made me a Maltesers birthday cake. It was amazing:

We are going to have a day in chilling watching films today with my siblings in ours. Tonight my parents are coming over and we are all going out to a really nice place here for food.