Challenge complete, selfies and narcissistic people

I completed the Fit 4 5ive challenge! I didn’t let my anxiety stop me doing it. I had terrible anxiety on Saturday, the day of the challenge. I had awful stomach pains and I felt really panicky. 

The first class, spin, was tough. Lots of squats and hill sprints. My legs were sore as soon as I got off my spin bike. The BodyAttack class was hard going but I managed to keep up. We had a small taster of the new tracks. Lots of jumps and burpees. The floor of the studio became slippy quite quickly which was annoying. My feet were sore towards the end of Attack but I think I tied the laces of my trainers too tight. Before pump I loosened the laces and this solved the problem. 

Next was pump. I was just glad to have a break from cardio at this point! I pushed through all the press ups, deadlifts, skull crushers etc. BodyCombat was next. This is my favourite class. I really enjoyed the new tracks. I am looking forward to going to Combat tonight. We didn’t do any of the kicking tracks during the challenge because there wouldn’t have been enough space so I should get to do them tonight. I feel I have made massive progress in this class as I have done boxing during personal training sessions. 

The finisher was brutal. We were given exercises to do for a minute – mountain climbers, borrower squats, plank etc. We then did some tabata. I am really glad that I have done this before during personal training. We did it with two different exercises – press ups and jump squats. The final part of the challenge was a BodyAttack track. This track had lots of tuck jumps and high knee runs but I gave my all right until the end.

I am so glad I did the challenge. It highlighted how far I have come. My fitness and stamina have improved massively. The gym put on free tea, coffee and cupcakes for all of us who took part when we had finished. This gave me the chance to talk to some people who I have seen at classes but only said hello in passing. 

Unfortunately, the Fit 4 5ive Challenge brought out the worst in some people. There is a group of about five people in the gym who are very cliquey. They get arsey with new people, they talk overly loud and I have found them increasingly annoying. They pick and choose when they speak to me. I now don’t really bother speaking to them. I find it so unnecessary to be so stand offish with people. Plus, I would hate it if I made other people feel so uncomfortable. 

We were allowed to go into the spin studio 10 minutes before the challenge started on Saturday. I used this time to get my spin bike set up correctly and mentally prepare for the challenge. The clique spent the time taking selfies. 

I put this to the back of my mind during spin. However, when we then went into the studio for the rest of the challenge it was hard to ignore the clique. Throughout the challenge they were taking more selfies in an overly loud manner. At least half a dozen times during the challenge they actually stopped to take photographs of everyone doing the challenge! I found this strange and to be honest it angered me. Not once during the challenge did I think, you know what, I am gonna stop what exercise I am doing and start taking photos. Why would you think other people want to see random people exercising?! The part that angered me was that I felt like an invasion of my privacy. I know the clique are on facebook and they would put these photos on there. Not once did they consider that any of us wanted to be photographed or be on facebook. 

In the weeks leading up the challenge the clique would speak in an overly loud manner about how they were going to go out for food and drinks after the challenge. I found it really rude. Not that I would want to socialise with these self obsessed individuals, but wouldn’t it have been nice of them to mention it to everyone else in the gym and invite them? Why talk about it in such a way that everyone in the gym studio can hear? Does it make them feel better about themselves or popular by doing this? How about just messaging each other privately instead of making others uncomfortable. 

I just hope that they haven’t put people off coming to classes or taking part in similar charity events in future. Other people could easily feel intimidated by people behaving like this. I try not to let them bother me but it is hard not to me when my anxiety is high or I am feeling quite low.