Birthday and Big News

I had a lovely birthday last weekend. Dave got me tickets to go to Warner Brothers Studios near London where they filmed the Harry Potter films. He also got me a golden snitch charm for my leather pandora bracelet. He has even paid for my best friend’s ticket. We go in two weeks. We are making a weekend of it. My friend is going to drive and we are going to stay over the day before our tour. 

We went for a meal to a nice pub near where we live with my family.  I met my sister’s new boyfriend who is absolutely lovely. 

We viewed two houses on my birthday. The first one was ok but I couldn’t picture living there at all. When we got home, we came across a house down the road from where we lived. We managed to view it and fell in love with it. Dave and I talked about it and we put an offer on it. Our offer has been accepted! We have a mortgage in principle thanks to our amazing mortgage broker and a solicitor. 

We had no idea that things would move so quickly in finding our own house. The couple who we are buying the house from are lovely. Similar age to Dave and I and have similar interests. We can go and look at the house whenever we want. I explained about my job and that Dom comes round to mine each week. I can even take Dom to see the house to get him used to it. They want to meet Walter too. We have no idea when we will move into our house. But in all honesty, I am not worried about it. If anything, I am really excited. We wanted to stay near to where we live now as it is a nice area. I just didn’t imagine we would find somewhere within walking distance. 

In the summer time

During the school holidays, I work more. As a result, I have been slacking in regards to my blog. Thankfully, I have been feeling a lot better since I posted last. But if I feel like it again I will be going to see my GP. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Dom and Faith more than usual. The days fly by and we have been up to lots of things. I have shared a number of photos on my Instagram account (@originalgemskibob) if you would like to see them. 

Dom has enjoyed spending time with Walter. We have taken him for walks and all enjoyed some lovely ice cream. Dom, Walter and I visited my sister at work. Walter was fussed over and Dom made sure everyone was working! Tomorrow he wants to bake a cake for my birthday at the weekend. This is the first time Dom has asked to do anything like this for my birthday. 

Faith and I have done loads this summer; colouring in, played board games, dog walks in the park, watched DVDs, been the cinema, shopped, workshops at Pets At Home and started a reading challenge at the library. 

As I mentioned earlier, this weekend it will be my 31st birthday. Dave and I are having time off work and having some much needed time together. We are seeing a mortgage broker on as we are desperate to have our own house. We are also spending time with our friend and her two little girls and having a meal with family. 

In terms of my mental health, I am doing well. I still experience a dip in my mood and anxiety but I am able to deal with it. It helps that I have a really good support network around me. 

One way I know that I am in a good place is that I am really broody. Dave and I have talked about having children. Once we are settled in our own home, we are going to start trying for a baby. As excited as I am, I am also terrified about having a baby. A huge concern I have is my medication. I would not be able to take the anti depressant I am currently taking. I have had a long struggle to find the right medication for me so the thought of having to talk to my GP about this fills me with dread.