32 weeks

Today marks my 32nd week of pregnancy. It is hard to believe that Jellybean is due in 8 weeks!

I really feel pregnant now. I regularly experience sore hips and pressure in my lower pelvis. Last week when I was nearly 31 weeks pregnant, I had to stop going to the gym. I am proud I managed to keep going until I was nearly 31 weeks. I am continuing to walk Walter each day. I am struggling to sleep a lot now. I am frequently having to switch sides in bed or get up to pee.

It was found during my 28 week blood test that it was found that I am slightly anaemic. I am now on iron tablets. The past week I have developed what I think is carpal tunnel syndrome. I have a physio appointment next week so hoping this will help with this and my hips.

My bump is now huge. This was taken on Sunday:

4 thoughts on “32 weeks

  1. Sidharth says:

    Good luck with the baby. Whenever you can please do post a pic of your baby when he/she is born! Thanks for sharing this major event in your life, my sincere well wishes are with you & your baby 🙂 According to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them 🙂

    Warm Regards,

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  2. kerryfender says:

    Wow – not long to go now. Hope you feel well despite the discomforts of late pregnancy.
    I had anaemia and carpal tunnel syndrome when I was having my eldest. They do usually resolve once baby is born. I remember trying to quilt a cushion for my mum’s birthday – because of the carpal tunnel I was a bit clumsy and kept stabbing my fingers with the needle, but couldn’t feel it. I only realised when I saw dots of blood all over the back of the fabric! All the best Xx


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