Talking, walking and sorting

Thank you to all the people who have left some really lovely and encouraging comments on my last post. I wasn’t expecting them at all. I am quick to find the negative in situations and you all helped me see that I was strong and brave to stand up for myself when at times I feel quite the opposite. 

I had my first CBT session last week. It went a lot better then I anticipated. I am not sure if I like the counsellor at the moment. At times she seemed sympathetic and at others she made me feel ridiculous and stupid for the way I think right now. I have three more sessions booked in before going to Australia. 

On Saturday the weather was pleasant. You would think given the UK press that we were experiencing a heatwave. It wasn’t warm. It was sunny and I didn’t need to wear a coat outside. Dave and I took advantage of it and went for a walk around a dam that is about 10 minutes drive from our house:

The fresh air and sunshine on my face felt fantastic. I felt so much calmer. We then went and had a drink in Starbucks. Although it was busy I didn’t feel overly anxious. 

Dave and I have been discussing the possibility of getting a dog when we come back from Australia. The benefits of me being outside were obvious after Saturday. I also think it will give me a sense of purpose having to look after a dog. We are not taking this decision lightly. We still need to discuss it in more detail. Plus currently Dave and I live in a rental property so we would need permission from our landlord. I’m hoping this wouldn’t be an issue with him as we have lived here for coming up to 4 years now and we are not looking to get a huge dog. 

Dave and I went through all our clothes we are planning to take to Australia. I have mostly everything. I just need a few more pairs of shorts and another bikini. Dave needs some more shorts and tshirts. I was supposed to be going out for the day on Friday with a friend. She has had to cancel though so Dave and I are going to get all the clothes we need plus all the other stuff we need (I’ve made a list). I felt so much better when I could see that we don’t need to buy that much. Dave’s auntie has been messaging him about us climbing the Sydner Harbour Bridge today! We have our visas sorted, car park booked and Dave has emailed the airline we are flying with to let them know we are going to be on our honeymoon. 

I went the gym on Saturday. A lot of people spoke to me about the incident with the woman pushing. They were all supportive of me. I found out from my friend that this woman has made someone else who comes to the classes so uncomfortable that she had stopped coming the gym! My friend is away from Wednesday for a few days so I am planning on mixing it up a bit at the gym. Normally I go to the gym on Wednesday mornings but I have decided to go to Insanity and Abs Blast tomorrow night instead. It is not worth the stress of potentially seeing this woman on Wednesday when my friend isn’t running the classes. I have been really up and down mood wise over the weekend so it really isn’t worth it. 


21 thoughts on “Talking, walking and sorting

  1. Getting out into nature does wonders for my anxiety too. Almost like removing yourself physically from it all, does so emotionally too. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    Dani xx


  2. You will love Austrailia, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb is a must, they are just coming out of summer but will be still hot, this trip will do you the world of good.

    The weather has been good my spirits have lifeted but certainly not heatwave going by the people I saw in summer gear, but is was nice to feel the sun on my face.


  3. Enjoy your honeymoon you and your husband deserve it !!!! I’m sure once you are back from Oz you will have a new outlook on some things in your life and probably feel a lot better about some of the negatives in your life!!! Safe travels. Looking forward to your next post. Xx


  4. We got a puppy last summer and a companion for him in January. It’s been so much more work and stress than I ever expected. I knew there would be biting, pooping, some barking and lots of walking but I didn’t know how needy they would be, I can’t go into the kitchen with being accosted and some days when I’m down I’m not able for it.

    The second dog has some bad habits she got while with her previous owners, particularly barking. It’s something to keep in mind if you’re getting an older dog as they are harder to train. Puppies are mental at first but after six months of hard work our guy is really good (still a bit mad though).

    However there are more times recently it feels totally worth it now. I’ve realised that they’re much better when they’re walked and tired, plus I feel guilty, so I have been walking them a lot even when I feel like I can’t and it’s getting very enjoyable. I wanted dogs like other people want kids so I understand the desire! It sounds like your husband is really supportive, it has helped that my boyfriend is so good and takes them out when things are really bad and I can’t leave the house.

    Anyway these are some of the things I wish I was told, although we probably wouldn’t have listened anyway! All the best!


    • Thanks for commenting! My husband said we are going to discuss it properly when we get back from Australia. I will definitely consider everything you have suggested. If we do get a dog, we are going to get a puppy. Glad you have help from your boyfriend x

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